DIY Wednesday

So yesterday I was playing around on people’s blogs (I love finding random blogs to read) and found the neatest ideas for wrapping gifts.  One was actually for a party favour, but I decided to try it for gifts and it totally worked…so here’s the actual website that I found it on    but I am going to also post my own attempts (as they turned out a little different). I think to make it turn out exactly like the above post you would need to use poster board or a stiff type of paper like that.  I used construction paper and it was a little too floppy…but I still liked the outcome.

The first one turned into a Christmas candy pinwheel…and I glued a glass ball on top to finish it.



1.  Istarted with strips of red and green paper…and white circles


2.  I hot-glued the strips of paper to one circle and laid the 2nd circle on top to hide the glue…

3. I used embroidery thread and a large needle to tie each of the strips together .

4. I placed a gift inside, finished off the threading and hot-glued a tree ornament to the top to complete the look.    I really like it!


The second one turned out more like the original post because I placed a glass (part of a present) under it to hold it up.  I also hole-punched the tops and threaded ribbon through instead of using a

needle and thread.  I like how both turned out.




Two gifts wrapped and ready in a very unique way!


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