Our House!

Saturday we had Christmas with Hazen’s family.  It was a full apartment!  His mom and sister drove up from Cape Island with turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, peas, and stuffing; his aunt and uncle from the Eastern Passage came with carrots, turnip, cranberry sauce, stuffing, cheese, and danish…and I cooked potatoes and squash and decorated!   It was so much fun.

Friday night I found foam snowflakes at the dollar store and stuck them up all over our walls and window (it was raining here, blah)…I wanted to make it much more Christmasy without actually buying too many decorations as most of mine are at my MIL’s.   I hung our Christmas cards on a thin wall piece with pieces of red and green wrapping ribbon curled around them.  Then I used the wrapping ribbon to add to the pine garlands on the window sill, the table, and one end table.  Just giving the area a bit more of a Christmas feel.  We had such a good day with lots of good food, unwrapping presents, and getting things fixed (Hazen’s uncle Paul is quite the handy-man). 

Last week we also took a trip to Wheatons.  Wheatons is one of my favorite Maritime stores.  However, I was very disappointed this year as they had very little in the way of “Christmas” items. Oh, they had lots of Santas, and snowmen, and reindeer…but last year I got my nativity figurine from there (a beautiful wooden piece) and I wanted to add to it this year with some more…but they didn’t have any.  Barely even any angels or stars.  It was very disappointing.

Lots coming up in the next few weeks.  Tonight is family photos and tomorrow is a dinner out for my birthday…yum!


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