Well, this week…

Well, this week has been interesting.   I am currently working on getting Baby D onto a schedule and we’re taking away his pacifier.  Does that sound cruel?   Well, so does 1am, 2am, and 3am wake-up calls to poke it back in his mouth…lol. 

So, we have been working on this schedule for a couple of weeks of now and I’m really happy with how things are going.  He does so well at night now and it just gets better every day.  The past three nights he has been sleeping past 6 am (minus the soother wake-up calls) and this morning he slept till 7:15 and I had to wake him up!  This is going to be so amazing when I go home to Ontario for Christmas.  With the time change I know he’ll be getting up at 6, but hey, it’s still better than 3 am. 

This morning he was so incredibly happy…and has been for the past few weeks.  I can’t even tell you.  He was laughing and smiling away.  I just love seeing my little man so happy.  And, it makes me happier, too, because I get more sleep.  I have to admit, the first-time-mother-paranoia kinda keeps me from sleeping really well, but it’s not bad.  I think I slept well until 3 and then I kept thinking, is he going to wake up?  and then the next thought is, is he still alive?  lol   See, I was totally right about the paranoia thing…hehehe.   The hospital made such a big deal about SIDS, that I am sooooo paranoid.  But, the key for me is placing him in God’s hands and knowing that God has it under control. 

We’re also working on taking away D’s soother as he has become a little too attached to it.  I do not like chasing after it every few minutes since he can’t seem to keep it in his mouth!  I really do feel for the little man.  Last week he screamed for three mornings straight!  I am so not even kidding.  I was in tears.  But then, Saturday morning, he just fussed off and on and went to sleep, it was amazing!  Yesterday he put himself to sleep in his carseat without it…and this morning, while he cried for about 15 minutes or so, he has finally gone to sleep.  Sweet!  Now, I have to carry that over into the evenings and going to bed.  I think that’s the going to be the tough one.  Guess we’ll see.  And hopefully, before the next 24 days are up, he’ll be going to bed without the soother…=)    Then, I can go home to Ontario with a happy heart, knowing that, while he will be off his schedule, I won’t have as many battles to fight with him. 

And, yes, it’s only 24 days!!!!!!  =)


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