Teaching (and learning) CAN be fun!

Okay, so I have a bone to pick with people who only get tutors for Math!!!  Seriously people, math is important, don’t get me wrong.  But what ever happened to English? or Spelling?  Most kids I know are woefully lacking in those two areas.

However, I always end up tutoring Math.  I’m finding that the public schools are just not stressing the fact of learning your tables.  For instance, I have students in grade 6 who can hardly add and subtract because they were never taught those fact families.  Now, they don’t want to go back and do that because it makes them feel stupid to be doing subtraction and addition in grade 6.  Don’t even get me started on multiplication tables!  So I have been searching the internet for tools to use in teaching (besides using flash cards which I wholeheartedly stand behind).   I found this website on teaching Math and they have some really cool ideas.  Especially for beginning math, for younger students.  I think I might try this with Darius when he starts school.

The website is called Multiplication.com.   It has a couple of books on it that I would love to get in the future.  Especially the one on teaching the tables through pictures.  I think that is such a cool idea.  Especially for boys who I find are very visual learners (typically…I know I’m stereotyping here…lol).

I was also very anti-computer when it came to teaching/tutoring but I am starting to change my thoughts on that as they have a lot of educational games, etc out there.  I remember when I was younger my dad got my brother and I this computer game that taught science facts…I don’t remember what it was, etc, but it was like an arcade game except you had to follow science rules in order to progress…things like getting light bulbs to light up, magnets to do the things they’re supposed to, etc.  It was pretty cool.  And I realize now, that even though I played it for fun, it probably was actually teaching me some things.  So I am checking out some online/downloadable math games.  I had one on my computer at one time that I used my last year in teaching with one student.  He loved playing it.  It just reinforced what I taught in class and made him think faster because it was timed…but fun at the same time.  Unfortunately, my disk drive doesn’t work anymore so neither does the game.  But I have downloaded one and found another online one and when I try them out I will blog about them and let you know what they’re like.

Teaching and learning CAN be fun!   LOL


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