So, in the spirit of really enjoying blogging but rarely knowing what to blog about, I have given myself a number of topics that I can blog about three times a week. Mondays will be “In Our House” – an overview of life with the Cunninghams during the past week, Baby stuff, etc, Wednesdays will be a household tip: recipe, etc, and Saturdays will be about teaching: music, academics, etc.

In Our House:

Well, this past week has been an interesting one for the Cunninghams, full of many little blessings.

Blessing #1 Last Saturday I ran into another car leaving our driveway and smashed our headlight. Kevin Hopkins was kind enough to find us a cheap headlight (almost new I think) and helped Hazen replace it on Saturday so we didn’t have to pay for the labour at a body shop.

Blessing #2 We had really been struggling financially for a few weeks and weren’t sure when Hazen was going to be paid with his new job. Some of the folks at our church (we don’t know who) got together and gave us some money totaling $600! We were able to pay some past bills, as well as stock our fridge which was looking a little empty at the time. Then, our baby bonus finally arrived for Darius (the first one!) and it was double because they paid us for October AND November, and then Hazen actually got his first pay cheque with Irving Shipbuilding on Wednesday. Truly God overflowed our coffers this week.

Blessing #3 SKYPE!!!! My parents are finally on skype. I can’t tell you how much of an answer to prayer this is for me. Technology is so amazing these days. My dad gets to see Darius for the first time! We haven’t skyped yet, but I’m sure it will be soon!!!

Blessing #4 My wonderful friend, Jessica, has texted me every day this week to see how I am doing and how Darius is doing. She is such a blessing to me and I know she prays for me as I try to stay sane with the little bit of sleep I get. hehehe

Blessing #5 I got a package in the mail from an aunt in Ontario. She has been such an amazing friend to my mom over the years and is as close us as any blood-relation. She had crocheted/knit Darius the most adorable little blanket: blue and white with sailboats all over it. He loves it. He has been using it to sleep since we got it and loves the feel of it against his skin. She also sent me some sites for coupons/free stuff – she is the greatest shopper I know! Can’t wait to check out these sites.

I could keep going with blessings from this week, but this post could go on forever. It reminds me of that song “The Love of God” – If the oceans were ink and the sky parchment they would not be enough to write what the Lord has done for us. The Cunninghams are feeling truly blessed this week!


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