Putting Baby on a Schedule

So for the past two weeks I have been going out of my mind with the baby. We had established a pretty good schedule for him eating and sleeping and then, suddenly, he was off it…waking at weird hours of the night and very often. I am a person who needs my sleep so my only option was to find a schedule that I could implement and just let Baby “cry it out” (CIO). I know this sounds cruel to some but I definitely don’t need to head down the road of a nervous breakdown because my baby has decided he wants to be held.
As I was searching things out I found a quote that really seemed to fit in my lifestyle as I really stressed quite a bit about feeding my baby with a bottle instead of nursing. I had such a hard time coming to the realization that my baby was just not going to nurse. Some may say that I gave up too easily, but they also need to remember that I have other factors contributing to the bottle feeding.
Regardless of my reasons for bottle feeding, the fact is that they are MY reasons. Not someone else’s. The following quote from the Babywise book (borrowed off of the “Chronicles of a Babywise Mom”‘s blog)

“I love the thought on page 61 that says guilt or quest for approval is never in line with clear thinking. When deciding how to feed your baby, make the decision based on what you think is best for your baby–not what anyone else thinks. I think it is great to get input from other people. It can help you make a more educated decision. But ultimately, make sure the decision is yours.”

And that is my thought for the day.


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