Joyful Noize Boyz

I love the letter “z”…for some reason it conjures up visions of fun and laughter when used in the place of just plain old “s”. So when I decided to start a line of items for little boys I knew I had to use the “z”. My music studio is called Joyful Noise, so rather than change things I decided to keep the name but just add to it. I love the idea of making a joyful noise like Psalm 100:1. I remember memorizing this chapter when I was in my mom’s Sunday school class (how weird is that! I was around 7.) I do remember it though. I always loved that the Lord wanted to hear us make a “joyful” noise, not a “pleasant” noise. “Joyful” can mean so many things outside of what some people might deem pleasant. For instance, someone might not sing well, but if they’re singing praise to the Lord it’s a “joyful” noise. That’s what I think of when I think of my music studio and now my line of boys products. The violin is not the prettiest instrument to listen to when a student is first starting out, but who cares! They’re trying and that’s all that matters. Little boys may sometimes seem to be a nuisance but they are really just enjoying life…they’re joyful! Yes, they do need discipline sometimes, we all need a little discipline. But I think we could all stand to make a little joyful noise every once in a while – especially when it comes to praising the Lord. So head on over to my facebook page “Joyful Noise Studio” or check out my ad on kijiji for Handmade items for Boys. I look forward to hearing from you!


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