Baby Life

My little man had a bath tonight and I love smelling him. I still can’t believe he’s mine! I keep waiting for his real parents to come home and pick him up…then reality sets in and I realize I have him all night…hehehe. Seriously, though, it is hard to believe that after all those years of babysitting someone else’s children I really have one of my own. It’s amazing. It makes me smile every time I think about it.
Right now I’m watching him try to suffocate himself. No joke. I keep pulling his blanket away from his face and he keeps pulling it back up. He loves the soft fuzzy blankets. Just burrows down into them and sleeps away. Of course, I don’t like it being around his face – I am so totally paranoid about SIDS…thanks to the nurses at the hospital. So I keep an eye on him and keep pulling the blanket down when he gets it a little too high. He’s usually pretty good in his bassinet because he puts his hands up over his head when he sleeps. One of the interns at the hospital got quite the kick out of how he sleeps “symmetrically” (his word). Weirdness…=)
Some days I want to make my own Maxwell Coffee commercial… I love my son, I love his hair, I love his hands, I love his feet, I love his chubby cheeks – because we all need a little bit of optimism (lol).
I love, too, that’s he’s starting to get a collection of frog items. People are catching on to our theme and I’ve gotten a frog blanket, a bobble head for his dresser, and a stuffed frog (to go with Typewriter – that one is a college joke – ok, so I probably have to explain that one – so in college I had this friend, Heather Epp, and she was fascinated with my little stuffed frog I called Freddie. We were on the bus one day going on a school trip somewhere and she told me this joke that changed his name to Typewriter…So two frogs are sitting in the bathtub one day and one says to the other, “Can you pass me the soap?” and the other one looks at the first one and says, “What do I look like, a typewriter?” and that is the joke…and if you figure it out you have to message me! It’s great…hehehe).
So, we’re also hoping to get his room set up in the next couple of weeks. I want to paint some frogs on his walls. We’re going to get the crib set up…and then we’ll add the rocking chair and a dresser and it’s going to be so cute. It’s so exciting.
Something I’ve learned since he’s been born is that not all diapers are the same. My poor boy’s little bum went all red from Pampers…plastic I call them. There were actually two kinds of pampers that someone gave me and one kind was like plastic and the other kind was so soft that they leaked through. So weird. I was not impressed. I like Huggies and I have a package of PC Green that I want to try. Oh, and the fisher price ones that I got in a diaper cake were the greatest. I really liked them. I don’t know where you can get them but I might look for them if I have to buy diapers any time soon.
Anyways…that’s a lot of my baby’s life for now.


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