Things My Mother Taught Me And Other Late Night Ramblings

Okay, so I apologize ahead of time if my spelling is a little off. It is late at night, I’m exhausted, but my body just won’t let me sleep. 4 weeks to go (give or take a few) and I hoping that Baby is seriously going to want to come early.
So, today I was sweeping the floor in my new apartment (the floor that I sweep every day now) and I was thinking about how my mother was so right about some things. When I was younger and living at home my parents had chores that each of my siblings and I had to do. Some were once a week, and some once a day. I never understood growing up why we needed to sweep the floor every day. I mean, my mom and I had some serious battles over that. I totally did not get it. I thought, why not sweep it Saturday so it’s clean for Sunday (which was in my mind was a special day being as it was church day). I still think chores should get done on Saturday so you have a clean house on church day (I have no idea why) but that’s beside the point. I now sweep the floor every day and completely understand why my mother was adamant about it. I can’t STAND a dirty floor. I do not like sitting down and seeing black all over my feet!
Another thing my mother was adamant about was doing the dishes before bed. She hated getting up in the morning to a kitchen full of dishes. Now, I have to admit, dishes are not my strong point – but when they are done at night and I have a nice clean kitchen in the morning it is definitely refreshing. So there are now two things that I used to deem silly that I now appreciate. If only I had a little elf to come in and do them for me! hehehe
Well, exhaustion is overcoming me so I guess I will sign off for tonight and see if I’m tired enough to ignore the aches and pains of pregnancy. Would much rather be holding this little baby in my arms than in my stomach!


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