So life at camp has been exciting.  Being pregnant at camp is pretty cool, too.  I get the best of everything, more food than everyone, people give me their seats…I am so treated like a princess!  It’s great!  =)   Even the staff girls keep the noise level down so that I can go to sleep early.  And people thought being pregnant at camp was going to be difficult.  To be honest, I still have the same aches and pains as I did before I came…but I would have had to deal with them at home anyway.

I am really enjoying being here being able to talk to people, meet new people, eat meals I didn’t have to cook, etc.  It is really a blessing for me to be able to work here each summer.  I know, I have to leave my husband behind when I do, and that is very sad.  Phone calls are just not the same.  But I know this month is going to go by fast and I’m so thankful that I can do this.  That I feel well enough to do it.  I know next week (Teen Camp) will be a little busier, since I am going to be acting as nurse, but it will definitely make the summer pass faster!

This week has been Family Camp.  The special speaker is Dr. Dave Jaspers from Joliet, IL.  He is really great speaker, with a good sense of humour.  I’ve enjoyed the messages I’ve been able to hear piped into the office…

I am thankful there is a “real” nurse here this summer.  Even though she can’t act as nurse (it could affect her license in the States) it is nice to have someone’s expertise to draw upon.  Especially this afternoon when one young man (a worker here this summer) landed in a hornet’s nest and got seven stings on one leg and one on the other leg.  I felt so bad for him, he was in so much pain.  He couldn’t even walk.  I tried what we had in our first aid kit and it was doing nothing.  But I was able to find this woman and find out what she thought would work (cider vinegar in case y’all are wondering).  It’s a lot less frightening being in this position knowing I can tap someone else’s brain when I’m stumped.  And did you know that hornets and wasps bite AND sting at the same time?  YOUCH!   This poor guy took one for the team…thankfully we were able to eradicate the nest from the waterslide before anyone else got stung.  But for the grace of God many little kids could have been in serious trouble on Wednesday when they used that slide.

So thankful for the many blessings we’ve seen this week.  The way God is working in lives.  It is awesome!  No better place to be!


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