Remembering: 1958 – 2009


One of my most recent memories of Pastor Baker is from Forest Glen Bible Camp.  He came to preach a teen retreat one year, I don’t remember, it must have been 2008.    I was so excited to see him as he was one of my greatest encouragements after college.

Pastor Baker was everything a pastor  could be to me.  He encouraged me, he sought to help me reach my goals, and he stood behind me in every decision I made when others were telling me it couldn’t be done.

He put me in touch with his wife (who I had been terrified of in college! lol).   She became an even greater source of encouragement and, sometimes, of rebuke to me.  Telling me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to.

I still laugh when I think about handing him the white gerber daisy at camp that I was sending back for his wife.  I thought he was going to have a heart attack right on the spot.   He thought the flower was real and couldn’t imagine how he was going to get that back to Toronto in one piece.  =)   You can imagine his relief when he realized it was fake.  Something he could squash in his suitcase.

I know Pastor Baker is missed by many people, especially his family.  He left a legacy behind and it will be many years before he is forgotten.

Today, I remember him, and honour him, for his ministry and his love for people.  I pray for his family as they continue to work through the hard times without him.


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