Okay, so I literally have an empty head today (and, no, it is not usually empty…lol). It is hilarious to me, though, how every night I lie in bed and think of lots of cool things to blog about and then in the morning they’re gone. I can’t remember a single one of them.
Yesterday was an amazing day to me. Well, last night, actually. Hazen and I passed out fliers for New Testament’s VBS that is happening next week. I think that is one thing that I miss the most from my college days. I haven’t passed out a flier for a church since I left, not because I don’t want to, but because they just don’t do that here. New Testament passes out fliers for their VBS, but there is no one to really organize it properly (I feel for my pastor as he is definitely busy enough!). I wish I had the energy at this stage to do more in the church, but I just don’t. It makes me very sad. There are so many kids around our church…I can’t even imagine how big the vbs would be next week if we were able to get fliers around to all the houses in Fairview, Clayton Park, and even farther afield! There is such a vast un-tapped resource of people simply because we don’t have the people to go out en-mass to pass out fliers like at school. I mean, if I really look at it, we passed out like over 50,000 fliers, BUT, there were some 60-70 college students (volun-forced as we used to say), plus the Christian high school students…PLUS, people from the church, families who would do their own neighbourhoods. We can’t do the same (not that I’m comparing my church to Faithway), but it is frustrating when you think of all the people we could be reaching if more than 4 of us went passing out fliers. Really makes you think…what are we really doing for eternity? How many of us are content to sit and let someone else do it?
There’s this group I used to listen to when I was younger called Acapello. On one of their cds they sing this song and one line goes like this… “Everybody knows that anybody could do the important things somebody should do, everybody knows that anybody could do all the good things that nobody did.” The verses of the song talk about how the pastor goes to a deacon and asks for help with something and the deacon replies that it’s not his job and he goes and asks somebody else and they reply that it’s not their job…I have to admit that’s my attitude sometimes. Oh, that the Lord would convict my heart to do more for Him.
Coming back to handing out the fliers, I have to admit after one street I was done in. Every house had a set of stairs leading to their mailbox and by the time we finished I thought that baby was just going to drop into the street. But it was frustrating to think that we had a whole handful of fliers still. So I looked up the street and said to Hazen, let’s just do up this way a little bit…and then we finished that and I saw some more houses with no stairs and I thought, I can do that…and we just kept going and then, we had no fliers left.
It was all of the Lord, on our way back to the car, one of the men sitting in front of a house I had been at, stopped us and asked for more information about the VBS and implied that he would be sending his kids. WHAT a blessing! A blessing I would have missed out on if I had stopped at that first street. Now I’m anxious to get more fliers and go back and finish the rest of the houses. There are people there who need the Lord. I am ashamed at the thought that I wanted to quit.


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