Grocery Shopping

Yesterday I bought the most groceries (or should I say, spent the most money groceries) that I have since Hazen and I were married almost a year ago. I have to admit we were down to very little in our cupboards for various reasons. But all the staples that we keep in our fridges and cupboards (like ketchup, mayo, etc). It was crazy! Then, I had a list for July meals that I’m planning for my husband so that he eats more than a peanut butter sandwich for dinner/supper while I’m at camp Monday to Fridays.
I just am totally flabbergasted (I always liked that word) at the difference between supermarket prices and little mom-and-pop shops. For instance, a lettuce at Superstore/Sobeys (Romaine) was priced at 3.49 the past few weeks and I’ve gotten my lettuce at Averys for 1.99. That’s more than a dollar difference!!! Are supermarkets really inflating their prices that much? I mean, seriously, why would I buy my produce at the supermarkets when I can get it for half or MORE than half the price at Averys. I love coming out of Averys with two bags of groceries (FULL of produce) for $10…Even potatoes were half the price. I call that CRAZY!
Then, when it comes to meat, I absolutely refuse to buy it at the supermarkets now. You can call me crazy, but I will drive to Cole Harbour and support Gateway Meat Market until the day they close. Chicken is half the price as anywhere else…and yesterday I got 15 Italian sausages for a little more than what 5 would cost in the supermarkets. Fully cooked Italian sausages I might add. It works great for me right now because my friend lives past it and I do laundry at her house once a week – but, like yesterday, I drove there after my doctor’s appointment in downtown Dartmouth…and I will continue to go there because that’s the only way that my husband gets chicken (Sobeys has absolutely NO quality control and I do not do feathers on my chicken!) and steak (it is so cheap at Gateway!). Take last week, ribs were on sale at Superstore for $7 a package – I got them for $4 a package normal price at Gateway. I totally support the people in our community who are selling locally grown food at a normal price!
And I am just waiting for some energy to return before I head to the Farmers Market at the Pier Saturday mornings. I go early, early (like 7:30) to avoid the crowds…and it takes some energy to get up that early on a Saturday…lol. But I will definitely be supporting our Nova Scotian farmers (and saving a TON of money on my grocery bill) while supplies last over the summer. Sooooo looking forward to fresh blueberries – ummm, I can already taste them!
So forget the supermarkets…except for such as flour, milk, etc (until I find someplace cheaper…hehehe – and I used to enjoy getting such things from Valley Natural Foods in Greenwood – but that’s just a little far to travel for flour and sugar…lol)


2 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping

    • I have to go to either Sackville or Cole Harbour for one…crazy far – but worth it…lol…soooo much better produce!

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