Treasure Hunting

Okay – so on my quest to learn about Nova Scotia’s history I found one of the most fascinating books at the library. It is called “The Secret Treasure of Oak Island” by D’Arcy O’Connor. I had never even heard of Oak Island before this. But the book has captured me. Not because I think there really is a treasure buried on this island off the coast of Mahone Bay – but because it seems so elaborate and no one knows how or who created it. It is widely believe to be attributed to the pirate William Kidd – but as the author of the book points out, a pirate probably would not take more than a year to set up such an elaborate system of tunnels, etc, just to hide his treasure. Most pirates buried their treasure just feet below the surface.
In the late 1700’s a 17-year old boy found a sink hole on Oak Island and began to dig, believing that treasure was buried there. After a while he realized the enormity of the tunnel he was digging and included two of his friends…from there the treasure hunt spread out, eventually including such names as US President Franklin Roosevelt and actor John Wayne. It was discovered that an elaborate network of tunnels ran through the island…coming from both sides of the island where flood traps had been created (when the water level was lower) creating traps in the tunnels, causing the tunnels to fill with water when the men dug too far down. Drills have been used to go down to about 160 feet bringing up old wood, coconut fiber, cement, clay, and pieces of metal. A large cavern was discovered when the drill dropped 20-30 feet without encountering any material.
To date 6 people have died in their attempt to locate the treasure – 4 of them at one time! Millions of dollars have been spent over the centuries in trying to claim the treasure from the islands soil, as well as in trying to figure out what is actually buried.
There are numerous theories as to what is buried on Oak Island besides the Captain Kidd theory. These include everything from French treasure to the original works of William Shakespeare (believed to actually have been written by Francis Bacon). My personal belief (although I have not completely finished the book) is that it is connected to the Masons. I know I am big on conspiracy theories, but I also know that the Masons generally have their hand (privately or publicly) in almost every area of North American life. The reason I came to this conclusion is because a number of known Freemasons spent many years working on Oak Island in the treasure hunt. Other prominent men (that I could see as private Masons) gave money towards the hunt – these include the chairman of the NY Stock Exchange, and the owner of Sobeys. Obviously I can’t conclusively say these men and others are Freemasons as there is no public evidence. But it is a known fact that quite a few prominent businessmen are involved in this cult – and as they backed the known Freemasons – it really isn’t hard to put two and two together. So my belief is that whatever is down there (if anything is still there) is connected to the Freemasons (although the author discounts this belief due to the lack of evidence).
I am just amazed at how obsessed people have become over this treasure hunt. Spending years of time and money trying to find that big cache. One family lived on the island for 5 years with no electricity, no running water, and only a boat to get to and from the mainland. Just seems a little excessive to me. I do understand the pull as I am curious as to what this “treasure” could be myself, but I would not devote any time or money on figuring it out. We don’t need more money in our society the lottery generally proves that. Money destroys families. We need people to discover the treasure found in God’s Word! That is where the real treasure hunting should go on.


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