Weird is my favorite word. I have to admit it. Ask my husband…he knows that whenever he does something crazy I’m going to say, “You’re so weird.” I’m definitely not normal and I refer to myself as weird on many occasions, so it’s not a derogatory term in any way. So many things lately have been “weird” to me and I thought I would share some of them.
So, yesterday, while watching my husband pick pineapple out of the container with his fingers, my response came, “You’re so weird.” His response was one I think my father used numerous times with my mom when we were growing up. “What do you think people did before knives and forks were invented?” Now, I have to admit that I think I’ve inherited some of my father’s wit. I find myself often quite funny when no one else does. Hence my response still makes me giggle when I think of it. “They died of horrible diseases.” hehehe My poor husband was not expecting that response as he thought he had me! =) What can I say? After researching more natural ways of doing things I realize how prevalent germs are. Really disgusting if you think about it. I cringe every time I step into my shower, even after it has been freshly bleached…lol. Weird, I know.
The other weird factor in my life is not really funny. It’s just a really neat thing. It’s feeling my baby move. The first week it was so active I was in agony. It feels really weird and since my baby is breach at the moment its little feet were kicking my pelvic floor. Uncomfortable to say the least. I feel, though, that through the last week the baby is moving itself and its kicks are aimed a little higher lately (not much but a little higher!). At 5 1/2 weeks people still tell my I look very small and for that I am thankful. I am proud to be weird in that fact! I know some of my poor friends have been quite large at this point. I do not envy them. I will appreciate my small size and being weird. People keep telling me I’ll get bigger, but not as big as I thought I might when I first found out I was pregnant. =)
So, weird. It can be a cool thing.


2 thoughts on “Weirdness

  1. hehehe..I’m thinking you mean 5 1/2 months???instead of weeks???? I am soo thankful you are not very big at 5 1/2weeks tooo..hahahahha. Sorry couldn’t resist 😀

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