World-Class Doctor

Gray Matter by David Levy, MD

David Levy is a neurosurgeon who also believes in God.  He realized that the outcomes of each surgery were ordained by God and he decided to pray with each patient before he began a procedure.  Although nervous of the reaction his patients would give, Dr. Levy spent the time to do what he knew was right.  His patients reacted in a variety of ways from humbleness to anger; and God’s answer was not always what he, or the patient, wanted to hear.  Dr. Levy persevered in his desire to attribute all he did to God and he found that patients, nurses, and other doctors were very supportive of him.

This book was everything I had hoped it would be.  In a world where most doctors just do their job (mainly for the money), David Levy’s perspective was refreshing.  His level of personal care for each patient is one that I wish were evident in every doctor.
I found each case that he presented interesting and unique.  I was fascinated at his way of attributing every outcome to the Lord.  As Christians, we often fail to do this in our day-to-day life but here is a “big name” doctor doing it with his patients.  His way of “sowing the seed” convicted me!  I will definitely recommend this book!
I received this book for review from Tyndale Publishers.


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