Wednesday morning Hazen and I were able to go and see our baby again for our second ultrasound.  There was a little bit of nervousness on our part as we didn’t know if we would get good news or more of what we had heard at the first.  I think Hazen was stressing more than I was because I knew that even if they gave us bad news they couldn’t say for certain until the baby was born if anything was actually wrong with it.

We are so thankful, though.  The minute the doctor walked in the room he told us that my last blood tests had completely changed my earlier diagnoses.  I had gone from high risk to no risk.  What a blessing!   They printed us off the perfect picture of our little one sucking it’s thumb. =)  We are so blessed!  I am still in awe that the Lord has entrusted us with this little one and I look forward to the day that I can hold it in my arms.   Just 4 and a half months to go!


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