Prego with Gas

Okay, Ladies…yesterday was like the worst day of life as a pregnant woman. I could barely I was in so much pain. It started on Saturday. I was pretty nervous because I’ve been suffering from yeast infections and wondered if they were related to what I was feeling.
Well, in the afternoon I went and was walking for around for about a half hour. I started to feel better and the thought entered my head that maybe the pain was from gas. I had heard that going for walks could relieve gas pains. So I began to wonder.
When I got back I went online and was reading posts by other pregnant women who had complained of the same symptoms. A lot of them recommended Gas X (which I’ve never used) but I wanted something a little more natural. I don’t really want to use chemicals while I’m pregnant. So I kept reading and one woman had said that she used hot water with fresh squeezed lemon juice in it. Well I didn’t any fresh lemons so that was out.
The best post I found was one lady who said she drank a cup of hot tea and it totally relieved her symptoms. Well, I love anyways, so I thought, what could it hurt?
I am not even kidding, 15 minutes after I drank that cup of tea I could feel things starting to move around…not 5 minutes later I ran to the bathroom (and not to be gross) but it all let loose! It was so amazing. I have never felt such relief. I am telling you…you gotta try it!


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