The End Result

Okay, so last night was the big Noah’s Ark night.  I was a little skeptical about using my little stuffed Noahs…but the kids LOVED them!  They had so much fun drawing faces on them.  One of the little girls even took his tunic off and drew on his tummy.  =)

For an ark I ended up using paper bags.  They sewed the ends together with chunky yarn and left a length to hang it with.  Then they could take it home and fill it with their own stuffed animals.   The paper plates probably would have have been stiffer but I didn’t have any.  The price for paper plates is outrageous!  And I am not a big fan of styrofoam, so that was out.

When it came to the games, the “Pin the animal on the ark” was a big hit, although, the kids found it extremely easy to get the animal in the doors.   I have a feeling my blindfold wasn’t as good as I thought!  But they enjoyed it.  The younger girls even went back to it at the end of the night as we were waiting for parents.

The bean bag toss wasn’t as big a hit, I think because my cardboard box wasn’t big enough.  Since the box wasn’t very big (I thought it was plenty big!) the holes weren’t really large enough to toss a beanie baby into.  They lost interest in that very quickly.    The room that I use has basketball hoops in it and the boys were using their stuffed Noah’s as basketballs.  They were able to play with that for quite a while.  But they often get too rowdy so I had to put a stop to it.  I know, I’m such a meanie, hehehe.

Overall, the night was a success.  Not because of the crafts and the games but because of what the children learned.  As I was teaching the lesson the children asked so many questions that the lesson lasted almost a whole half hour.  I didn’t think they were going to let me finish it!   That is one of the biggest blessings about teaching this group.  It’s not a bunch of church kids (although there is nothing wrong with being a church kid, I was) who know the lessons and aren’t really paying attention.  These are kids who have never heard this before.  They are so fascinated!   They didn’t even know what my ark was when I brought it into class.  With all of them being a product of public school, discussions can get quite interesting as I try to explain the Biblical view and why I believe that it’s true.

Last night, dinosaurs came up and were talking about how our world changed after the flood.  I mentioned that one reason scientists (and we’re talking Christian scientists here) believe that dinosaurs no longer exist is because when the Flood damaged the Canopy over Earth, the oxygen levels on our planet diminished greatly and dinosaurs couldn’t exist with the smaller amount of oxygen.   One of the boys put up his hand and said “But I thought dinosaurs died from the big volcano that erupted and the molten lava destroyed them all.”     (Where do kids hear these things???)   I was able to explain to him how every culture (from North America to China) has a flood story, and if that is the case I prefer to believe the Biblical account.   His eyes got real big at that and he was amazed that every country has a flood story.  Someone who has never been taught about the Flood before!   What a precious work the Lord has given me to do with these children.   May I be found faithful and not wanting.


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