Noah’s Ark

There are some things I intensely enjoy…teaching is one of them.  I love the challenge of coming up with ideas to keep kids busy, helping them see some new truth or standard rule.   Teaching a Bible club is especially rewarding as you see children growing in the Lord.  I started teaching a kid’s club in February and I have been so encouraged by the questions that have come from some of them already.   Questions about being saved, knowing the Lord, and understanding His death on the cross.  Although the numbers have been slowly dwindling from the 6 I started out with (due to hockey and various other things), I continue to see growth in the children I do have each week and I continue to pray that more will come out.

This week I am teaching the story of Noah.   It has been quite fun coming up with ideas for this week.  Noah’s ark was always one of my favorite stories.  So I thought I would share some of the fun ideas that I found online and came up with myself.

My first idea was to have stuffed “Noahs” for the kids and they could make an ark out of felt pieces (sewing them together with yarn) to take home and add their stuffed animals to.   However, finding brown felt turned out to be harder than I thought.  So, instead I think I am going to use paper plates instead (although I don’t like that idea half as much!).  If I can figure out something else to use for arks before Tuesday I will definitely be doing it.

For games I found some fun ideas online.  One is pin the animal on the ark (or in the ark)…kind of a take on pin the tail on the donkey.   I really like this one, as kids seem to always enjoy the pin the tail on the donkey at parties and things.   The other game is to make an ark out of a cardboard box and then have either beanie baby animals (or you can make your own bean bag animals with scraps of material and beans/popcorn as I did).  Then the kid’s have to try and get the bean bags into holes in the ark (like the window or doors).   I’m looking forward to trying this one!

I am so excited about adding to my collection of Bible games and crafts.   If I come up with any more exciting ones I will definitely pass them on.


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