The Face of God

Who remembers the McGee and Me series (I mean, other then me!  lol).   I thought McGee and Me was the coolest thing going when I was a kid.  My pastor had a whole series of them and whenever our parents had meetings or something we would all sit and watch them.  They were cute little videos about a cartoon character in a real world that teaches Biblical values.  I would love to get my hands on a copy of them for my own little one.

But recently I came upon an author at my public library who actually had created this series (I never it but I could be related!0  His name is Bill Myers.  The first book I read by him I wasn’t terribly impressed with…it was a little science fiction and Frank Peretti all in one.  Kinda weird.   Well, I decided to try again with a book called “The Face of God.”     I could not put the book down!  It’s about a pastor who goes on a search for the missing stones from the high priest’s breastplate after his wife is murdered because of one of them.  It wasn’t so much the story-line that really caught me but the lessons that the book taught.  I really learned a lot about myself and my relationship with God.   Absolutely fascinating book that I recommend VERY HIGHLY!


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