News, news, and more news….

Well, it has been a while since I have blogged.   The reason being that sitting at the library is such an impersonal place to write.   I am so looking forward to having internet one day soon. =)

Lots has been happening here in Halifax.   It is becoming spring…I am so excited.  It was actually 12 degrees today which apparently was the record for Canada…whoot, whoot.   I cannot wait for spring to finally be here.  I know that we will probably still have snow before it arrives though, so I am trying to get myself psyched up for it.

Last week I went to an art museum with friend, Jenn Silver.   It was so awesome.  Art is one of my passions and it was really exciting.  Of course, there were the exhibits that I didn’t really want to see but there were some really neat ones, too!   My favorite was the third floor of the North Tower.   It was pictures from around old Halifax.  Paintings of old earls, ships, etc.  It was really neat.

There was also a little room filled with photographs of the place where Monet painted (Giverny, France).   Such a pretty little town.   The gardens, and ponds.  It was really neat.

The downstairs had interesting “art” that was mainly digital.   Projectors and things like that.   Kinda interesting and neat to see the different aspects to art.

So my biggest news for the year is that I am expecting.  It is so exciting for us.   We don’t know what all the Lord has in store for us right now but we’re just excited about this new little addition.   I am about 3 months along and will be due sometime in September.

Reading some good books as well and looking forward to blogging more about them.

Talk to you all soon!


3 thoughts on “News, news, and more news….

  1. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh, it makes it much more exciting when it’s written down!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 You and Hazen are going to be GREAT parents! And Michael is going to just love another little friend to play with 🙂 See you next week for our museum date! 🙂

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!… Amanda, that is amazing, I am so happy for you and Hazen. I agree with Jenn; You are going to be amazing parents. So, so, so happy. 🙂

  3. Eeeeek! 🙂 The word is finally “out,” eh?
    I never said a word and have been collecting maternity clothes from our bags at church for some mysterious friend I have who is pregnant. haha 🙂
    BTW, something is not quite right about how your blog is coming up- everything is squished over to one side and most of the screen is navy blue….maybe it’s just my computer…lol.

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