My Shepherd

My pastor has spent the last 14 weeks going through Psalm 23 and talking about our Shepherd and us, as sheep.  It has been amazing how much information he packed into those lessons each Sunday morning.  My pastor has such an insight into this passage.

But I was tutoring this little girl on Monday night and she managed to bring it all up with one little word problem in her math.  Surprisingly, the page I gave her to work on had a word problem about a shepherd on it.  This little girl goes to church occasionally, so she knows a bit about the Bible.  When she read the question she looked up at me and said, isn’t there a shepherd in the Bible?  It surprised me a little that she asked this but I, of course!, answered “Yes, there is.”   Her mother has given me permission to talk about the Bible with her during our tutoring sessions so I felt quite free in continuing…”The Bible says that Jesus is the Great Shepherd.”  At that she kind of looked up at me with a strange expression on her face.  “And the Bible calls us sheep.”

At that she laughed out loud!   “Why would the Bible compare us to sheep?”  she asked.

“Because we are a lot like sheep!”  I answerd.

“How? Sheep are disgusting!”   Oh, for the innocence of a child.

“Well, sheep often like to go their own way and don’t follow the shepherd.”  At that she kind of hung her head.  “And when they do they sometimes get into big trouble.”

She thought for a few minutes about what I said and then continued on with her math problem.  But it made such an impression on me, too!  I have been struggling with some things lately and it made me stop and think, How much would I be struggling with if I were following the Shepherd?  If I would only keep my eyes on the Shepherd I wouldn’t get myself into so much trouble!   What a great thought!  Oh, that my Great Shepherd would not see the need to break me to “MAKE me lie down in green pastures” but that I would follow Him there freely!


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