Christmas Is Here!

Christmas is my favorite time of year.  Maybe because there are so many people who are against it!  I think Christmas is the one holiday that is probably split half and half on who wants it and who doesn’t.  I love this time of year because it’s so happy.  I’ve always enjoyed happy times (as most people who know me will attest).  But there’s something about the pine smell and the colours and the Christmas carols…do you know Christmas is one “season” that gets songs written about it.  How many songs about spring do you know?  Or summer?  But people write all kinds of winter songs.  And since music is such a big part of my life it might account for part of my love for this season.

This week I have been listening to Christmas music on   Songs by Ron Hamilton, Wilds, organ music, etc.  It’s awesome.  A very unique experience, I especially love one song that is all hand bells (not chimes).  I remember this pastor’s wife years ago used to set up a big table at the front of whatever church they were visiting and have all sizes of bells down the table and she played songs like How Great Thou Art.  I love the bells and keep hoping that one day I’ll be able to get a set!  LOL  My poor husband/neighbours would probably kill me the way my college roommate threatened when I took up the recorder.  =)

This year we are foregoing the tree, choosing instead to use my lovely 12” tinsel tree as our tree.  I’ve placed some greenery along the ceiling with some pretty bows, my snowflake decos from the wedding and the occasional gerber daisy.  On tables you will find gerbers, candles, and different Christmas ornaments that people have given me.  I even bought an ornament to represent our first Christmas together.  But since my tinsel tree isn’t up yet, it, too, is still in its package.   I don’t want our Christmas to be about presents and decorations, though.  I want it to be about recognizing Christ as our Saviour.  The Baby who was born to a virgin in a stable (a cave).  I’m so thankful that He was “born to save” as the song says.  I hope this season that I’m able to shine forth the light that this Baby’s coming brought to a dark world.  And the one decoration that I want to spend some money on is a nativity scene.


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