Am I the only one who detests doctors? I haven’t been to see a doctor for a check-up in 8 years. I’ve seen them for various quick ailment fixes…but not for an actual check-up. They like to poke and prod and then never actually find anything conclusive.
Well, I broke down this week and actually went to see a doctor and this morning I am suffering the effects. He wanted me to get blood work done (which is a good thing) but I had to fast for it and fasting and Amanda shouldn’t go together in the same sentence. Major headache now. And to top it off my arm is bruised from the needle because since I fasted my veins were playing hide and seek on the poor lab technician. Life. It will move on, I know…but it’s STILL annoying. LOL
So, with all of this I am praying that the Lord will give the doctors wisdom in figuring out what is wrong with me (although I know somethings will never be fixed…hehehe).


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