I am thankful that the Lord gave us the opportunity to make choices. I think that’s what make life interesting. Sometimes I like to play a game in my mind “Where Would I Be If I Had…” and it could be anything, like, …if I had stayed in the valley…, or , …if I hadn’t met Hazen…, or ,…if I’d never moved to Nova Scotia, … and I think the biggest for me, Where would I be if I had moved to Africa four years ago like I had wanted to. I sometimes wish that I had the gift to write because the answers I come up with would make great stories. =)
And it’s not that I’m not content with where I am. God has blessed me so much. I would never trade my marriage to Hazen for a day in Africa. It’s just a “what if…” game. But it’s fun to look back and see how the choices I made, or that people made for me, as the case may be, have affected my life. I do believe that the Lord directs our paths, but He still gives us the option of saying No, to the good things that He wants to give us. If I had pushed my will in going to Africa I would never have met Hazen, or my aunts and uncles here in Nova Scotia, or the all the wonderful friends I have here now. Yes, life would be different, but I would have missed out on so many blessings. Not to say that the Lord couldn’t have blessed me in Africa, but it wouldn’t have been His best.
I know this is kind of rambling, just my thoughts today.
On, an upside, I am listening to Christmas today. Yes, CHRISTMAS music, and no, I’m not confused, I do realized Thanksgiving hasn’t passed yet…lol. Have you ever wondered why there is no special music for Thanksgiving? We have cantatas for Christmas and Easter but not for Thanksgiving. I think that is weird. I think we should celebrate Thanksgiving just as much as we do Christmas and Easter. It’s a wonderful time of year. I know it’s not a holiday attached to some specific period of Christ’s life, but it is a wonderful time of year to celebrate what He’s done for us.
My pastor put a quote on our church billboard a few years back that I really liked. It earned him some terrible criticism in the local paper, but he was right. “What does an atheist have to be thankful for?” Who do they thank? So, if Thanksgiving is a Christian holiday shouldn’t we celebrate it like Christmas or Easter? Hmmm…food for thought. Maybe I’ll work on a Thanksgiving cantata…LOL
Which speaking of cantatas, I need to start thinking about Christmas! It’s already October! eeek!


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