Busy Week

What an incredibly busy week, not just in my life, but on facebook.  Sometimes I think we spend too much of our life on facebook and when we get together we have nothing to actually talk about because you already know everything about me from fb.  So, I tend not to post things – which then makes people mad at, but hey, it’s my life and I can choose what to tell the whole world and what to tell only those I really want to know.

So, yeah, some sad news came through FB and email this week.  One being that a friend of mine miscarried.  It always makes me terrified to have children when I hear stories about people who have miscarried or had problems with their pregnancy.  I know I should be,  but I wonder if I would be handle such situations with the grace that my friends do.

Then, my mom emailed to tell me that a dear missionary lady had died yesterday.  Her family has been the ultimate of determination and commitment on the mission field.  I am praying that the Lord would send them a special comfort.  They’ve been through so much the past few years.

The rest of my busy week has centered on getting ready for my garage sale on Saturday.  Talk about Ms. Crazy here!  I decided to try and sell some of my crocheted items and some baked good as well.  I plan on making some serious money…lol.  So I have been crocheting dish cloths (and some really cute finger puppets) and baking, baking, and more baking.  And, yes, Hazen gets a bit out of each batch of whatever I’m making.  I would not deprive him like that.  I refuse to sample it all.  I do not appear to be losing weight and I do not need to gain!  So, hopefully, Saturday morning will dawn bright and sunny.  I’m praying that everything sells on the craft and food table and most of the actual garage sale items (junk)…lol.


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