Odd Jobs

So now that I am married and far away from the teaching position I once held I have had to come up with some new and inovative ways to earn money.
My greatest desire is not to have to spend too much time out of the home and I’ve been praying that the Lord would give me violin students. However, it takes time to build a music studio and in the meantime we still need some extra money to help our budget balance each month. So my next thought was to crochet a ton of stuff and set up for Christmas bazaars, however, that again doesn’t happen right away (who is ready for Christmas yet?)
So today I went online to kijiji. The internet is such a great tool if Christians use it properly. I even found an ad for a person specifically looking for a “Christian” childcare provider. How random is that? Really cool, although I’m not looking for a full-time babysitting job. However, I did find someone looking for crocheted dishcloths…I can make $20 off of 10 crocheted cloths. That’s like oh, maybe 3 hours work. Which may seem like a lot to some people for little money – but it’s actually pretty good. Which got to me thinking that if I can find people to buy dishcloths I can probably find people to buy just about anything crocheted – from slippers to skirts (I do it all)…I’m even going to try something new – finger puppets! So that is one avenue that may net me $20 this week. Pretty cool.
Then I found a babysitting job for four hours 3 afternoons a week. Amazing…couldn’t ask for better hours and the job can be either at my place or theirs (they have a big yard) and it’s only about 10 minutes from where I live (buses available). So, an email went to that one. (Still not entirely sure about this one since I do want to teach violin and tutor – forgot to mention that I posted an ad for tutoring as well).
I also found a sewing machine for $40 – I did some serious surfing today…lol. If I can get a sewing machine that works decently I can do a lot more. So, waiting and praying to hear back. The Lord knows my situation and my heart. I really want to be a stay-at-home wife. I want to be able to keep our place looking nice and not be so exhausted each night that I don’t want to cook proper meals or clean. I think the Lord will honour my desire – I know some women in the Bible worked outside the home but most kept within it. The Proverbs 31 woman had a home business…it’s a good option to help bring money into your home AND be there to keep things running smoothly.
So, please pray with me that one or two of these jobs would pan out and that the Lord would help Hazen and I to be good stewarts of the money He gives us.

Few Prayer Requests:
1. Pray that we can sell most of the stuff that I’ve collected at our garage sale the last weekend of August (I’m sorting through stuff now)
2. Pray that the Lord would bring violin/tutoring students along
3. Pray that the funds would come in for me to start taking piano lessons in September (biggest request right now – I’m playing piano at church and would like to be able to do a better job than I do)


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