My Remembrance

As Canada Day draws to a close I am remebering last year and the emotions that accompanied today.  I was at camp with Pastor Reason when I heard the news about Pastor Baker and spent a long night on June 30th talking to him and praying.

Pastor Baker was a light in my world and my memories of him will always be that way.  When I started college I felt very alone in my dreams and ambitions for the future.  Pastor and Mrs. Baker changed that.  As I left the college four years later I felt like I had found someone who truly understood how I felt.  To be able to stay in touch with him and his wife and to receive encouragement over the months that followed was such a blessing to me.   

But I remember the intense loneliness I felt when I heard the news.  My dream was to have Mrs. Baker play at my wedding and Pastor Baker to officiate.  It was devastating to think he wouldn’t even be there.  On the eve of my wedding I remember him and I thank the Lord for the wonderful memories of Pastor Baker and for reminding us all that we are human.  It brings everyone back into perspective for me. 

I miss Pastor Baker very much but I am thankful for the courage and strength that Mrs. Baker, Allison, and Cristi-An have exhibited over the past year.  I continue to pray that the Lord will hold them in the palm of His hand.  I look forward to having Mrs. Baker play at my wedding on Saturday and one day seeing Pastor Baker in Heaven.

One Year


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