I love decorating – but I have to admit, my “talent” in this area was taxed this week when I started decorating the church for my wedding!  Praise the Lord for friends like my roomie, Jess.  She was so awesome.  And even though I didn’t go for all her ideas (okay, so I was a bit of a bridzilla about one thing! lol) she gave me so much good advice and the place looks beautiful.  I also have to admit that the church was a blessing to me as well!  I managed to “snatch” a few of their Christmas decorations in order to fill out what I had.  The Lord was so good.  When I finished this morning I just stepped back and felt, it was perfect (well, I know only the Lord is perfect – but it was as close to perfection as it was gonna get…lol).  I was gonna give y’all a sneak peak, but I decided not to.  If ya wanna see it ya gotta be there next Sat!  I cannot believe I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!


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