Wedding Jitters and Blessings

Okay, so I have figured out what those “jitters” are that everyone talks about before their wedding.  It’s not being nervous about getting married!  It’s being nervous that something is going to go wrong!!!!

I mean, you spend so much time planning everything right down to the smallest detail (and I have to admit that people sometimes make it worse by stressing you out – no one in particular) but something is sure to go wrong…and that’s what gives the jitters…lol. 

I can’t believe it’s 10 days until my wedding.  So incredible.  God has been so good to me.  My pastor in the city gave me a song the other week called “I Have Been Blessed”.   It talks about so many things that the Lord has given us.  The song is probably over 5 minutes long with just generic stuff, like our eyes, hands, summer, flowers, freedom, etc.  Imagine how long the song would be if we included everything that is specific to us past those.   What a thought!   God has blessed us with so much and we are often so unthankful.  A pastor here where I live sent me a picture this morning of his son posing with his army leaders (I’m not sure where)…but he has been in Afghanistan and may be back there now.  There’s someone to thank God for.  He is out there trying to protect our freedoms here in Canada.   I went strawberry picking yesterday and the couple that invited me along paid for my strawberries, blessing number 2….and I could go on.  God is amazing.  

May we learn to focus on God and what He has given us instead of the worries and cares of this world.  We’d all be much happier Christians if we did…showing forth the joy of the Lord to a lost and dying world.


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