Life Moments

Okay – so an odd thought before I actually begin my ramblings (or maybe this is part of it…lol).  It is 9:35 on April 22, and the link says it’s the 23rd. 

Anyhoo,  life thoughts.  I just had the most amazing night.  The sweetest couple, Jess’s future in-laws, invited me over to enjoy a turkey dinner with them.  Such an incredibly sweet couple.  And the wife had put together a bag of things I can use for decorating for my wedding.  What a blessing!  Less to buy – less money spent.  It was such a good night.  The dinner was so yummy – and I hardly ever eat that much since I don’t cook for myself.  So it was really cool to have all the hard work done for me and I just helped Jess clean up the dishes.  It was fun.

I’m so thankful the Lord gives us these little moments.  It really wasn’t anything special or fancy, just a moment.  But it does something to our spirits.  It revives us and makes us feel special and loved by those around us.  I love recording “life moments”.  Because they really are just moments.  They pass so quickly and we often forget about the special blessing they were to us.  Sometimes it seems so mundane, but days, weeks, or years later when we remember them, we remember the blessing not the “normalness” of the moment.  So this is one of my “life moments”.


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