Do You Believe in Easter?

This morning has dawned, beautiful morning!  I can just picture Mary and her friends heading to the tomb in sorrow to anoint the body of Jesus.  Angry at the sun for even shining on such a day.  Then to see the angels and hear the wonderful message that Christ was no longer there for He had risen.   Why did Mary not believe the message of the angels?  She turned from the tomb with a heavy heart and wandered in the garden until she came upon the “gardener”.  When she realized it her was her son and Master, the sunlight that flooded her soul was much brighter than that in the sky!  Hallelujah!  What a Saviour. 

     I was talking to my school children this week about the Resurrection and, you know, we often condemn the disciples for not believing.  But let’s put ourselves in their shoes – or in the case of my thoughts today – Mary’s shoes.  Mary had been at the cross – she knew her son had died.  She had watched the life leave His body.  Imagine the anguish that had filled her at the moment He spoke His last words and “gave up the ghost”.    She must have spent a sleepless night in her house.  Was her husband dead already that he was not there to comfort her?  The Bible does not mention him. 

    Then in the morning she drags herself up from her bed and gathers the spices needed to keep His body from stinking.  Her friends gather round her and together they walk the road to the tomb.  Would her footsteps not have been slow?  Maybe this event had aged her way past her years.  Can you picture her stumbling along the road like an old woman?  As they near the tomb the women begin asking how they are going to get that big stone rolled away.  Maybe they should have brought one of the disciples along with them.  Then possibly they turned the corner and there sat an angel on the stone that was rolled away from the gaping hole where they had laid her son!  Mary’s first thought may have been a sickening feeling in her stomach – He was gone!  His body was gone!  Someone had stolen it away!  How could they!   Her SON!  She turns in anguish from the tomb and walks the garden weeping over the thought of never seeing His body again when the gardener turns and speaks to her.  Then she realizes that angels had spoken the truth when they said that Christ had risen…for here He was – RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER!  Oh the joy that must have filled her.  Feet once encased in cement were now set free and runs to the disciples to tell them the good news. 

    Isn’t this a picture of the sinner coming to God?   Walking the road, weary and burdened down.  Then they meet the Saviour and their lives are changed forever!  May we never forget the meaning of Easter and keep it always in our thoughts – remembering that our goal should be to spread the news:  HE IS NOT HERE, FOR HE IS RISEN AS HE SAID!


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