March Break

Ahh, the joys of March Break.  I didn’t think it would ever be possible to enjoy that week more than when I was a student…but I think as a teacher I have surpassed what I ever looked forward to before.  I am so ready for a break.  Which is kind of sad because we have only been back to school for two months.  Isn’t it weird how we can go for almost 4 months the first stretch and then barely make it two months before we need a weeks break again?  hehehe  The joys of being a teacher.  I actually do enjoy it.  It does get tiring at times, though.  So I am looking forward to having this break next week. 

     Especially since I will be traveling home to spend a few days with my parents.  I am soooo excited about that.  I’ll get to see my home-church family, have a wedding dress fitting (my aunt is making my dress), and see some friends.  So very cool.

     Then I get to come back and spend three days in Halifax with my “family” there.  I am sooo looking forward to that as well.  I miss them a lot.  Words cannot even describe how much they mean to me.  Life is so much more enjoyable in the Lord.  I would never have these sweet people if it hadn’t been for church and our desire to serve Him.  I can’t imagine what someone who doesn’t know the Lord would do without people standing behind them in a strange place. 

     So, three more sleeps and I’m heading home.  Goodbye troubles and trials…Hello sleepy days and fun times!  HEHEHE


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