Guest Books

I am so excited about my wedding.  However, I am a unique person and I like unique things.  So I’ve been thinking about what I want to do for a guestbook…I don’t want to just put out the usual boring white book with lined pages inside for your name and where you’re from, etc. 

There are many different things you can do this day.  One idea I had (since I’m doing a Christmas theme) was to get Christmas decorations and let people sign tree ornaments.  However, Christmas is long over and I have no ornaments…lol.  So, now what?  I could do a scrapbook and have the guests sign the pages – but again – we’re talking about a book that will be placed on a shelf.  BORING.   Then you can get outlandish and have someone take photos of your guests and scrapbook them – but we’re still talking a book.  You could bring in a quilt and have then sign the quilt.  Which is not a bad idea – you always use quilts. 

I think the idea I have come up with, though, is a decorating one.  Something I can display in my home after the wedding.  It may not remain in style forever – but it is in style now and by the time it goes out I’ll be ready to put it away.  So, the idea.  I found this neat decorating tip online for making those cubes that people just place randomly around living rooms, etc.  You just cover a styrofoam cube with paper (which is the actual pattern) or you could get just a plain block of wood and paint it (which would be pretty easy actually-and would last longer than a paper-covered foam cube).  Then you just give guests a black permanent marker and have them sign the cubes…you can have four to six of these cubes in various colours to match whatever room you want to decorate with them.  Then when you’re tired of looking at them you just pack them away and they are going to last as long as you want them to (probably even better than a “paper” guestbook).   It’s a perfect idea for a random person like me.


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