Random Thoughts

Today is one of those days where I don’t want to sit still but I don’t want to do anything either.  Does that sound weird?  I have these days occasionally.  Days when I wish I could curl up with a book and a hot chocolate and a big quilt for the whole day!  However, my fire has gone out so it is absolutely freezing in my home, and I really do have things to do other than sitting and reading…lol.

Christmas holidays have been slightly productive for me.  I have managed to plan most of my schoolwork for the next term (yes, almost all of it).  The last few things to work on are the reading lessons and geography/history.  I’m actually very hapy that I’m so organized for once.  And I’m actually hoping that I’ll be able to get some things together before Monday.  I also have a Science fair project to plan, too.  I’m very excited about that!  The students won’t know what hit them!  LOL

I also made a big pot of potato soup – which means I actually have to have someone over for dinner.  Other than my fiance, that is a rare occurence.  So I am excited about having a family over tonight – which means I also have to make a dessert and some Bible bread.  Very exciting!  =)

I was thinking about New Year’s resolutions this morning.  I don’t usually make them.  I find them a waste of time because people don’t usually follow through on their resolutions.  But there have been some things I’ve been thinking about changing for a while now.  Things connected with my spiritual life.  I find that with the busyness of the day I often get away from Bible reading and my prayer life suffers because of it.  When my that happens I find myself taking my eyes off the Lord and trying to do things in my strength.  So I have decided, as of today, that I am going to strive this year to stay in God’s Word and work on a more active prayer life.  I want my students to see God’s power in me.  I want the light of the Lord to be so strong that my students can’t help but want a relationship with Him as well.  I am really looking forward to renewing a relationship with Him.  It is a fact that life seems a lot duller when I draw away. 

I have also decided to start keeping a journal again.  Not a diary, a journal.  A diary denotes something that you don’t want people to read…I’m not concerned about that.  I just find that it helps sometimes to put our thoughts down on paper.  Rather than venting them to someone else.  I have enjoyed going back to the ones I kept when in my teens.  I learned so many lessons.  But I didn’t just use it to record my thoughts but little things like poems, and crafts, and fun things.  It’s neat to go back and reread them and learn those things all over again. 

Well, I guess those are enough random thoughts for one day.  Adios Amigas and Amigos! =)


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