Christmas Day

My first Christmas away from home.  And it WAS as hard as I thought it was going to be!   For weeks leading up to it I kept telling myself that I was going to be fine.  It was just a day…nothing to get all hyped up about.  But I did…beginning with opening my Christmas stocking that my mother had filled, wrapped, and mailed to me.  When I opened it Christmas morning the waterworks started.  And believe me, they didn’t stop there!

But overall, the day was a really nice one.  I had a phone call from both my pastor and assistant pastor’s families.  I visited with some of my best friends here in NS.  And I spent about 9 hours with my fiance.  How amazing is that!  I was surrounded by some of the greatest blessings the Lord has given me since I moved here.  And then I came home to an email from one of the greatest women I know – just wanting to wish me a Merry Christmas while she celebrated with her girls and their families in California.  It was amazing.

To end the day I called my father and, for one of those rare moments in my life, he understood my “separation anxiety” and made me laugh.  I spent the whole day missing him, specifically, and he made it the perfect end…his understanding was like a soothing hand on my soul.  I still cried myself to sleep last night =) but it was knowing that the Lord has blessed me beyond measure. 

As I drove home from my friend’s house last night I was listening to a song…”Jesus…I am resting in the greatness of Thy loving heart…satisfies my deepest longing…”  Does He really satisfy our deepest longing?  I hope one day that I can say that!


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