Guest lists

Okay, so for those of you who are married you will understand the frustration that arose when I sat down to write my guest list.  I am a people-pleaser at heart and it pains me to say no to someone.  Seriously pains me.  But, when it comes to a wedding guest list, ya just have to say NO!  (at least to some people).   So I studiously sat down one afternoon while home visiting my parents in Ontario and wrote out “my” guest list (understand that this does not include my fiance’s friends and family).  I managed to get “my” list down to 150 people.  And I thought I was doing good.  Until I realized the above sentence in parentheses.  Scary thought!  150 people – that I know – and I can’t cut the list anymore.  How big is my guest list going to be????

275 people.  Yup, that was the grand total of both my fiance’s and my guest lists.  I don’t know how we know that many people (that we like well enough to invite) but we do.  And this was after we had a “discussion” about crossing certain names of his list.  I mean, I’m the practical one, I already cut mine down…lol.  But, seriously, you just can’t invite EVERYONE!  Thank goodness I am not having a sit-down dinner.  That would be a nightmare!

So how do you decide who to invite and who not to?  It’s crazy really.  But, for me, it came down to two things: 1. When was the last time I talked to this person? (if it was more than a year, they were off the list – chances are they don’t even know I’m dating) and 2. does that person even like me!  (there are a lot of people out there who will be offended that they are not getting an invite, but be realistic, you don’t even like me!  It’s just a status thing) … so, yes, our list is still quite large, however, there are just some people you can’t cut out – and you know about 1/3 aren’t going to show anyway! 



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