An End to Camp

I think camp is my favorite place to be.  At least, Forest Glen Bible Camp.  It’s so peaceful in the morning when you get up.  The dew makes the grass all wet and hangs in the air for a bit before the sun scares it away.  Sometimes you can see a deer or two down in the river.  This year we saw a woodchuck.  That was a first.

Camp this year was hard, though.  So many things happened.  Lack of sleep caused a lot of tension for me.   I started camp with my cousin’s funeral, among other things.  But the Lord still worked.  It was really neat to see kids this year that have grown spiritually.  I’m thinking of two specifically…I won’t name them.  One is a young lady.  When I first met her I thought she hated me (and she didn’t even know me!).  But she would never speak to me or look at me.  And now she is a totally different person.  And it is all of the Lord.  Even the church that she goes to agrees that she has grown in the Lord in the past few years.  It makes camp worthwhile when you see people like her.  I mean, it wasn’t the camp that changed her…but it’s the camp that gives her someplace that she can go to to meet other teens interested in serving the Lord.  And not all the teens who come are interested in that…but some of them are.  And camp is for both those who are not interested in serving the Lord AND for those who already are.  It’s a place where the teens can encourage each other in the Lord and hear amazing music and messages based on God’s Word.  How could you not love it???

Camp this year was record-breaking in every way.  The first family camp we had over 150 people on site.  I think we had four or five campers…all the cabins and rooms were packed so tight!  Some of the staff actually slept on “shelves” (I think they were originally built-in beds but we use them as shelves now…lol).   Then during junior camp we had 116 campers plus staff.  It was crazy!  Every place we could make a cabin we did and everything we could use as a bed we used!  What a blessing, though.  It’s been a long time since people have been this interested in camp.  Imagine if all those juniors keep coming?  Our teen camp will become record-breaking!  =)   It was very exciting.

And to end off the summer my parents came to visit.  That was exciting for me.  Especially since they got to meet my special friend for the first time. =)   I think the whole thing went well.  Now I’m planning a vacation so I can relax before school starts again!  And I think now sounds like a good time for a nap.


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