CPR Training

What do you do when you’re faced with a situation that blows everything out of your mind.? How do react in emergency situations?  I was faced with one such situation this week at the camp I am working at.  A 9 mo. baby stopped breathing.  Being the “camp nurse” I was called for help.  The father was himself a first responder with St. John’s…but when it’s your own child, all rational thoughts must leave…I mean, it wasn’t my child but I had to really work to get myself under control.  I am so thankful for the training I received at St. John’s.   It is believe now that the baby had swine flu – as many know that cases of swine flu are on the rise again.  But in those few moments, it was every parent’s nightmare.

How do you react when the parents are broken-hearted?  Especially when you know them.  My first instinct is to cry along with them.  That’s one thing you can’t do.  My instructor with St. John’s was amazing about reminding us to be calm in such situations and reassure the parents, person injured, etc.  Don’t make things worse by freaking out yourself (which would be my first nature…lol).   I am so thankful that the Lord has provided men with the wisdom to save lives and that they, in turn, can pass it on to others.  I would recommend CPR training to anyone and everyone…you never know when you might need it.


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