Life Moments

Have you ever noticed how life often seems to throw a punch at you when you least expect it?  I can’t help but wonder when it’s going to come next, sometimes.  I mean, things are going so well, I’ve learned to almost expect those “moments”.  Moments that make you remember that life is about reality not a fairy tale.  I don’t question those moments…I know God brings them my way for a purpose.  For me to learn something.  BUT

There’s always a BUT.  But why does it sometimes feel like I can’t handle this one.  I know I’ll get through it and I know God has it under control.  But I wonder why people have to misunderstand things.  Why do they not come to you and tell you when they have a problem with you?  Why do people gossip?  Why are there interpersonal relationship problems that cause these “life moments?”

I am a peacemaker at heart.  So when I hear something I want to fix it.  Especially if it concerns me.  So when I hear something that I can’t fix I worry.  And yet, I know that worry is a sin.  But, I can’t sleep, I binge eat, I can’t concentrate on any of the things I enjoy.  Simply because someone is upset with me.  And it’s not even my fault!  But these “life moments”…and they tend to happen a lot with me…actually do teach me things.  Things about myself…about how I handle problems.  It’s actually rather fascinating if you stop and watch yourself go through one of these moments.  I do struggle with trusting God.  I know that.  I need to work on it more…and maybe that’s what “life moments” are all about.  Growing closer to God and developing a more sure relationship with Him.


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