Maritime Games and Fine Arts Festival

What an amazing weekend!  I have never had the opportunity to judge at a fine arts festival until this weekend.  This was one of the most unique opportunities of my life.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was interesting to me, however, that many of the participants didn’t see the need to put their best into it.  Small groups held books, and kept their faces in them, didn’t smile, and sang as if all that mattered was hitting the right note.  Has anyone ever wondered why secular artists are so successful?  Have you watched one of these artists sing?  They put their whole being into it.  Their face, their actions, and their emotions.  Now, I’m not saying they should have been dancing around the stage like a secular artist…far from it!  But, what’s wrong with facial expression?   Where are the dynamics that tell us how you’re feeling…what is this song about?

I think singing for the Lord is one of the most amazing talents He has given me.  I love to sing Christian songs because there is an element there that I can say, “This is how I feel.  I struggle in my Christian life but the Lord is always there for me.  The Lord is faithful,” or, “I am honouring the Lord for what He has done.  I will bow my knee and worship HIM!”   But it was just like the special speaker, evangelist Mike Manor, said this weekend.  We’re too proud to let people know what He’s done for us.  We want to be thought of as cool, and it’s not cool to be a Christian!

I am thankful I am a Christian and I will not be ashamed to stand up and let me people know through song what He has done for me and is doing for me.   I hope I can inspire those in my own church to the same feelings of emotion and desire to serve.


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