Happy Mother’s Day

Mom and DadBeing a family-oriented person, being away from my family on holidays is especially hard.  Mother’s Day is one of those holidays.  I have been craving a trip home to see my parents and this weekend it has become even stronger.  Not that I want to move home…but visits more often would be a lot of fun.  =)

I love my mother and am so thankful for everything she taught me growing up.  Obviously I didn’t appreciate it back then, but I do now.  My mom was always there for me.  She never let me have pity parties if things didn’t go my way, but she was always sympathetic if I was hurting about something.  She taught me to work hard, and to do a good job at whatever I was doing.  I learned the importance of reading my Bible.  One of my memories of my mom is getting up in the morning and coming downstairs to see her in “her” chair reading her Bible and praying.  She still does it to this day!

My mom was always the first one up in the morning and the first one to bed.  She always seemed to accomplish more than I did during the day…hmm, wonder if that’s related!  =)  My mom worked from home and homeschooled us at the same time for a year before my dad homeschooled us.  She came and helped in our school when my church opened one.  All the kids loved her.  I used to wonder why, I don’t anymore.  I remember how the the teens loved coming to our house because my mom always made tacos when they came.  They loved that!

I remember that my mom wasn’t afraid to discipline but those aren’t the memories I have kept.  I’m thankful that she disciplined me when I needed it.  She taught me lessons through discipline that I wouldn’t have learned if I had been allowed to get away with things.

My mom was a Sunday School teacher at my church and she led most of my friends to the Lord through that class.  My mom is not the door-knocking, sermon-preaching-type of Christian…but she lives it out every day of her life.  She’s not perfect, she’ll be the first to tell you that.

She has been an example to me, though, of a Godly woman.  I am thankful for her example.  I often lose sight of everything she has done.  Believe me I have only scratched the surface of what my mom has done over the years.  But I am thankful for commercialized holidays that help us remember to be thankful.  For Christmas and Easter and Thanksgiving Day…but especially for Mother’s Day and (coming soon) Father’s Day.   May we all remember to thank the Lord for those people in our lives who have taught us right from wrong.  I pray daily that I can be someone like my mom.


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