Today is a day of thankfulness for me.  I read a quote recently that said “Think to thank, don’t wish to want.”   It made such an impression on me.  I often think about the things I want…a new violin, piano lessons, more books, more knowledge to help me in school, more friends…but I hardly ever take the time to thank the Lord for what He has already given me.  Today was a day that just lent itself to thanking Him.  For one, it was beautiful and sunny outside today.  I have been wishing for the sun and heat for so long.  What a blessing to have both windows in my apartment open today without being frozen solid!  =)

Then I was able to spend some time cleaning at the church with friends.  I know, you’re thinking, thankful to clean?  It wasn’t the cleaning I was thankful for, but the time spent with friends.  So much better than staying at home looking at my theory book…talking to myself…lol.

After that I came home to bake bread that I made myself.  And it turned out!  This is a rare occurrence for me, believe me.  Yeast does not like me.  But I am learning to work with it.  This is the first time I’ve made bread on my own and, wow, it turned out!  How cool is that.   I was praying the whole time.  Lord, please let it rise, let it cook properly, etc.  And it did!

Then I got to spend one whole glorious hour in the sun before I tried to give myself sunstroke….lol.  I didn’t hyperventilate when a wasp came near, and I didn’t freak when I found a spider on me!

See, there are so many things to thank the Lord for.  Besides the face that I spent a whole hour working on theory.  An usuual feat for me.  God is so good.  There are so many things to thank Him for.  Many more things to be thankful for than to wish for.  I love those little wake-up calls that He often sends our way.

May the Lord bless thee and keep thee and make His face to shine upon thee.


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