Rainy Days

I love rainy days.  Or used to anyways.  Until they started causing migraines.  But rainy days are the perfect days to curl up with a blanket and a book.  I love big patio doors with a comfy chair or a sofa positioned just right so you can look out the doors every so often.  I love being able to see outside.  But having to work on a rainy day is not fun!  Especially when the students don’t want to work on a rainy day either.   LOL   But, school is over and I have come home to find that my violin lesson has been canceled due to the girl’s mother having a migraine (which I don’t mind since I have a migraine).

Now, I have been going through seasons of Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman on Youtube.  I finished season 4 last night.  But with a migraine, watching movies doesn’t seem like a good option.  So the book with a cup of tea is where I am going to head.  I love to read books.  I am currently in the middle of three!  There is, of course, the novel: The Reaper’s Song by Lauraine Snelling.  Fourth in a series called Red River of the North.  I love novels.  I can usually sit and read them for hours unless I’m feeling antsy.  Second book in the list is one for personal betterment.  (Is that a word?)  It is called, Filling the Empty Places by Benneth Jones (Bob Jones III’s wife).  It’s an excellent book, but I have to admit, I’d have a hard time handing it out for people to read.  It is very easy to get bogged down in.  There are huge words that even for me (who earned the name Dictionary in school) are difficult to understand.  If you can get past the big words and see what she’s actually saying it’s a great book.  But some people might need to keep a dictionary handy.   The third book is one to help me in my classroom.  It’s called Every Child Can Succeed byt Cynthia Ulrich Tobias.  Now, for those who know how much I have been struggling this past year, this book is amazing.  I don’t think the book will actually tell me how to teach each student, but it gives practical information on how to understand each student.  In turn I have to take that information and translate it into the classroom.  Which, since I’m not really looking for a step-by-step manual, is good for me.

So, on this rainy afternoon, which book should I pick up and read?   I’m thinking the novel is calling my name.  And since I am out of hot chocolate, I will make a cup of tea and, Lord willing, warm up.  =)   Until then…the Lord bless thee and keep thee and make His face to shine upon thee.


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