A Welcome

I just want to say hello to everyone.  I am sitting listening to peepers outside.  My window is cracked (it’s still a little chilly for it to be completely open), and I am enjoying a bit of fresh air in my apartment.  I think spring and fall are my two favorite seasons.  I love spring because everything is fresh and growing new.  Reminds me a lot of our spiritual life.  Salvation is like spring.  It breaks the door on sin (our winter blues) and makes us feel alive again!  Just like butterflies.  Butterflies are a sign of spring.  They, too, speak of new life in Christ.  My sister started my fascination with butterflies years ago when she bought me a necklace and matching earrings shaped like butterflies.  Since then my collection of butterfly jewelry has grown.  Mostly thanks to my aunt and uncle who travel a lot and bring back pieces from exotic countries.  Now my apartment is full of butterflies.  I have butterfly oven mitts and magnets and towels.  Every morning I wake up and see butterflies around me and am reminded anew of Christ’s love for me.  Because He died on the cross, we can experience new life, just like a butterfly.  Isn’t that amazing?

Okay, so I know I’m rambling.  Hence the title of my blog.  =)    I do tend to ramble.  But I enjoy writing.  Since I’ve decided to leave the world of Facebook users for a more quiet, peaceful (and unknown) world, I think this blog will help people like you, who want to stay up to date with what I’m doing, stay up to date.  LOL   Of course, those who get annoyed by my general ramblings on facebook will happy to see me leave, I’m sure.  =)  I’m semi-new to blogging.  I did start one years ago.  But I never kept up with it and couldn’t even tell you now what site I used and what the name of it was.  Hopefully this site does not follow a similar fate.  I enjoy hearing feedback from everyone and look forward to possibly having discussions on here.  For now, May the Lord bless thee and keep.


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